Thursday, February 17, 2011

So much going on...

So much, apparently, that I can't write anymore.
Our super-exciting news is that we are expecting another baby. He will arrive around July 25th. We haven't entirely decided on a name, but we are thinking Finnick, and calling him Finn.
Other than the diabetes scare, everything is going well. Last week I got my real A1c results back and I am at 5.5, which isn't even a pre-diabetic number. I still have to test, and I'll still have some work to do after the baby comes, but it is not so scary. And I have not put the baby at risk. Just this week I think I can feel him swimming around in there. :)
Aunica had two teeth pulled last week. She was awesome, not a whimper, didn't cry. In fact, afterwards she asked me why I had told her it would hurt, it was no big deal. She looks so much better. Her supernumerary tooth was really displacing her permanent tooth, and it has already started to move into the correct position. The only unfortunate news was that the dentist recommended I get her into see an orthodontist as soon as possible. And she is only 7!
Sidda had a birthday last week, and now she is five. She just wanted a park birthday, and so that is what she had. We fed 25 kids and their grownups hotdogs and hamburgers. It was so easy, I felt like I was cheating! We also ordered cupcakes from my friend's new cupcake shop, On a Lark Cupcakes here in SLO, and they were great. Most of all, Sidda had a great time. On her actual birthday she chose to have dinner at Franks and her cousin made her a Minnie Mouse cake. Happy 5 year old days! :)
Dimitri is great. Just turned 2 1/2. He is fully potty trained, even at night. I am so excited. He pretty much did it on his own. Everybody told me that boys are later to talk and later to potty train, but that certainly wasn't true for this boy!
Deon is working along at REC Solar. He likes it, the people are very appreciative, but the work is a little boring. He was recently contacted by the Highway Patrol to start the background investigation. He applied a year ago, and we have just now gotten to this point. So last week they asked to come over to our home for an interview. I cleaned like I have never cleaned before, and my house is spotless. It has never in my life been this clean. I love it, and I think I can keep it this way. So the guy came today, but he was upset about h0w Deon had answer the background questions, and left. Aborted the interview. So, I was irritated, but Deon is a much better sport than me (must be why he is trying to get this job and not me). We'll try again on the paperwork and interview. But, like I said, my house is clean, which is awesome. Although I am exhausted. I must put out a public thank you to all those who came over and sweated and toiled to make my house look presentable though, and watched my kids so all this would go smoothly.
Another big change at our house is that my mother in law has moved out. Or, I should say, we moved her out. We had already agreed that she would need to be out before the new baby comes, but last week she found out that her grandson in Utah would be needing some help with his family. She told me she would be heading out in two weeks (although this was a bit of a misunderstanding), so we decided to get her out before the interview so we could have the extra room in the house. It made all the difference in the world, I am so happy with the extra space. We are finally not cluttered. We will miss her being here though. And it was a rediculous amount of work to be done while I was trying to do all this major cleaning. But it is done.
My sister moves to Brazil in a month, and I am sad about that. Hopefully it will be a good move for her family.
Still trying to get a loan on this house, such a headache.
I think that is all for my news right now. Some good, some not so good, all in all we are doing well.