Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A Rainy Day

What strange weather we have been having. I haven't seen the global warming movie, but our area is apparently not the warming type. We have had some serious cold, but now we are having some warm rain. My girls have been sick, high fevers and colds. Now they are better, but we're all going stir crazy from being inside so long. It is my youngest's first birthday on the 15th, and we are having her birthday party this Sat. since my best friend is in town from NYC. Of course, I haven't planned it yet, so I'd better get on it. I just decided on the time tonight. I am hosting another friend's birthday party at my house tomorrow night. Life is busy, as always. Today I had parent participation class with my 3yo, and gymnastics, which only my 3yo is enrolled in, but my small one enjoys even more. Thurs is a slower day for me, and I'll have to put some time into house cleaning.
So, my husband got all that straightened out with school. He is in an independent study class now, which is especially nice because he can structure his time so that he doesn't have to work on Saturdays. Yay!
I was reading through my last post, and I had to laugh, as I described my 3yo as "capable." She told her dad the other night that he was "capable" of buying her something. Thank goodness I like the things she is learning from me, humorous as it may be. The small ones do say the funnies things. I will have to keep posting them. I love them. I love the sweet way she says certain things, like "mazagine" for magazine. I have to keep reminding myself of all these wonderful things, so I don't give in to the often overwhelming urge to string her up by her toes. :)