Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Almost April...means March is over...whew

March has flown by. I felt like March was over before it begun, it was so busy. Between birthdays and cookie sales, compounded this year by Easter, it was a mess. I am glad it is over, although I do feel like I missed out on some important things somehow. Like I should have gotten more enjoyment from it all.
Cookie sales are over, all I have to do is the paperwork, which is looking pretty well organized and doable. We sold almost 1200 boxes of cookies, our proceeds in the $800s, which exceeded our goals. And, best news of all, we don't have any cookies left. That is a first for us!
I got the news yesterday that I have gestational diabetes. Yuck. I really blew the test, so there is no question of it. Unfortunately, I don't feel like eating, haven't gained any weight (which is kind of okay, I was overweight to begin with), and only want carbs. You know, the stuff they are going to tell me to lay off. Sigh. My automatic response is to say okay, I'll just stop eating. Not the right answer. What worries me the most is that we plan on having another child, and it will be worse next time.
The girls were sick over the weekend, but now we are fine, and ready to go enjoy our spring break. Today we are hoping to go swimming, and tomorrow ride horses. Or, the girls will. Unfortunately I am not doing any horseback riding at this point.
Okay, I'm going to sign off to accomplish another one of my goals for this week: getting the house clean!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Okay, I'm doing better. Only a week since my last post. I have a friend for each kid over right now, which will either make it easier or more difficult to post. My life is like that. Every change means one or the other, trouble is, I never know which will come. I usually have Sidda sleep through this, but she wasn't asleep yet, and this way I get to take a nap today. She was up coughing a lot last night, so I am keeping them home today.
I ordered 660 boxes of girl scout cookies last night. Now, before you remove my blog from your list of reads because you don't want to associate with someone with that big of a problem, :) I am the cookie chair for our girl scout troop. 360 of those boxes are already accounted for, and the other 300 are for booth sales. Our girls work hard, especially since we only have four right now. This time of year is always busy, both for them and for us as leaders. Our goal is to sell 1000 boxes this year, between the 350+ presales the girls have scored on their own and running six booth sales. Seventy five cents a box stays in the troop, making our financial goal $750.
Anyway, not much new I suppose. Looking forward to a trip to Disneyland for Sidda's birthday next weekend. I may have anemia, as per a phone call from my midwife last week. It would explain why I seem to be getting more tired instead of less. My kids have a cold, like I said. I have an appointment with Family Partnership Charter School on Monday that I am looking forward to. I think that may be our choice for next year in terms of school for Aunica. It is homeschooling, but through public school, so it is all paid for, and comes with a teacher to help guide you in your teaching.
Of course, what I need to be thinking about is Valentines. What to do for my husband and kids, making a bunch for my kids' classmates. I didn't send out Christmas cards, so I thought I would send out Valentines, which will be fun because we can announce the new baby. I am debating whether I want to have my kids make Valentines for all our regular Christmas card folks, or if that is too much. I haven't found any really cute ideas, either.
Whatever, I'll post how it all turns out.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


My, how the time flies. I don't know how it got to be 2008 already, and, by the way, did we skip January? It is my daughter's birthday in two weeks. Sidda will be 2. We are planning a trip to Disneyland. Why is it I am always pregnant when we go to Disneyland? Yes, that is right, I'm pregnant. :) 12 weeks yesterday. I had a miscarriage in November (see, it has been a long time since I posted), so we have been keeping it under wraps. But, here we are! I can't believe we have two kids, working on three. We plan four, so I am more than halfway through. How did that happen? How did I get here? It all goes so fast.
Deon started a new job this week in Santa Maria. A bit of a drive, but good opportunity. He will be working with both licensed architects and engineers, so he can become licensed himself. The steady income and health benefits are a big plus, too. It seems to be working out well. We also hope to buy a house this year. The house we are living in, if possible.
Hmmm...well we are trying to potty train Sidda, and I am hearing in the background "Mama, wet!" So, I'd better go...