Sunday, March 22, 2009

The month of March is always hard...

So, I am glad it is almost over. Mostly consumed by Girl Scout cookie sales, which are still not complete. I have one more booth sale to do, and paperwork to finalize. I think next year I will pass the torch and beg someone else to do it.
I have wanted to put cute things my kids do on my blog, but always forget by the time I sit down. I have an Aunica story though. She is learning to count in Spanish, and we counted together to thirty, then I let her do the thirties. She was so focused on trying to get it right though, she said treinta-one, treinta-two, treinta-three. Thats spanglish for you. :)
Yesterday Deon and I hiked the hill behind our house to the red tower. Then we got lost. It is a seriously hard hike, I'm telling you! I have problems with my lungs, so I have to stop a lot on the way up, but Deon's legs were weak the rest of the day. We took a wrong turn (or didn't take a right turn, as it were) and ended up on Sydney St instead of at the Old Junior High. Alls well that ends well, and we keep talking about doing more exercise together. I'd like to build up my lung strength and lose this extra 20 pounds I'm hauling around with me.
Today I taught Relief Society from a talk by President Monson called The Joy in the Journey. In sum, focus on the positive, live life in the moment, and love fully and transparently. I wish you all a happy Sunday.