Tuesday, April 07, 2009


Well, I feel like I am finally surfacing. April is looking much nicer than March. I am really looking forward to spring break next week. ESPECIALLY with Aunica's recent injury...
This Sunday we had some friends over and the kids were playing in the girls' room. Aunica was hiding in her closet and she went to shut the door with her right had and shut her left thumb in the hinge side of the door. She pulled her thumbnail out at the base. It was so sad, she cried so hard, and it bled and I was really sad, too. My poor baby. We bandaged it, and took her to the doctor on Monday. Thankfully it wasn't broken, but it needs to be bandaged for the next two weeks. She can't write or practice the piano with her right hand.
This last weekend was General Conference, which I enjoy, mostly. I have a hard time sometimes, because inevitably I end up squirming in my seat because I feel very chastized. So many things to work on, so many things I am either doing wrong, or not doing at all that I should be. The first two talks were about addictive behaviors (with my personal focus, debt) and showing respect to your children by speaking kindly to them to increase reverence and love for the Lord. Don't get me wrong, I think these are both important. Extremely important, in fact. If I didn't feel that way it wouldn't be so painful.
We had a perfect day this past Saturday. I wish all our days could be like it. We all woke up late, in our bed, at 8:45, just in time to watch General Conference in our pajamas. Deon made us special breakfast in bed, even. :) Then we went to Morro Bay to get Dimitri's handprints done, went down to the wharf to check out a tall ship, then played a little chess in the park with huge chess pieces. Went to Bayside Cafe for Deon's favorite clam chowder, and then did a little geocaching. Back home, hang out, Deon did the grocery shopping, have an easy dinner, and watch the Brown kids for a couple of hours. So, I spent almost all day with my family, slept in, felt spritually fed, learned some, got some errands accomplished, and did some service.
Dimitri has cut his first tooth, that is exciting. Someday I will post pictures. I should. Lots of those in my life. :)