Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

So, the lists are all made and checked. All the Christmas traditions are almost complete. We have visited Santa, carolled, delivered the 12 days of Christmas, read our Christmas book, bought the tree and trimmed it, made gingerbread houses, and on and on. We still have left cookies for Santa and the ceremony of presents, starting with new pjs from "the tree" tonight. We'll be having a quiet Christmas at home, which is fine. Someday I hope to be like another woman I know whose immediate family has grown enough to feel full just with her own brood at home. Someday I'll feel that.
It has been an interesting month for me. I was referred to a diabetic specialist because I have high fasting glucose numbers (106), and upon my arrival at my appointment was told I had type two diabetes, a lifelong diagnosis, and I was being put on insulin shots effective immediately. This was all based on an a1c of 7.3. I was devastastated. However I got a phone call the next morning that there had been a mistake. That an a1c had not been run at all and that I am not diabetic and should not take insulin. Which was a huge relief, and I wasn't at all upset with them. Until later, when I started to realize that they could have killed me. My fasting number at 5am is 70, and if I had additional insulin on board I probably wouldn't have woken up. Thanks, guys. So now I am testing, watching what I eat, trying to figure this out. I do have pre-diabetes, which can be reversed if I make some changes. So it has been a rough month.
Otherwise life is good. I am enjoying a few days at home, not doing much (which is actually driving me crazy). Deon loves to watch movies, so he is perfectly content. Now I am going to go make chocolate covered pretzels and wrap packages. The busy season is almost over. :)
Merry Christmas...