Saturday, March 31, 2007


Oh, what a day! I started off by trying to wrap up Girl Scout cookies sales, which culminated in me panicing because I believed I had lost $500. Stress, tears, frantic searching. Took care of all the other paperwork and delivering of other monies. Came home, rechecked my figures, and I actually have $200 too much (which I can actually explain). Feeling too relieved to feel ridiculous, take a break.
I am currently listening to General Conference. I couldn't get it to work earlier, but I can now. Whatever. The kids are in bed, my husband is working on his new legos set he got for his birthday. Tomorrow, more conference, hanging out with some friends for 2nd session. I also received a new calling, as nursery leader. Beginning next Sunday. I would say nursery is not my favorite, but it is okay, and I'll bring my one year old.
Also, I got a phone call today on our rental, a couple that we have been corresponding with had a change in their living arrangements, and wanted to move in today. Ahh! Get out the bleach, get on my knees, etc. They are here now, hopefully settling in.
We had a great week last week, we went camping (well, in a cabin, SOME people say that doesn't count) in Manchester Beach, Ca near Mendocino. It was great! It was the four of my family plus my mother in law. The only thing I didn't take into consideration was that it is very much on HWY 1, and very windy. So, it took forever to get anywhere and we all felt sick by the time we got there. We did spend a day up at the Avenue of the Giants, a redwood forest in Humbolt County. Over the week we celebrated my husband's birthday, checked out a lighthouse, different beaches, flew a kite, went to the redwoods, glass beach, geocached, and Mendocino, including seeing whale spouts. It was cold and rainy for some of the time, which is why we chose to rent the cabin, but we were able to get out and enjoy every day. My sister and her husband came up from SF, and it was great to spend the time with them. They are headed to Brazil end of April for four months, and we will miss them! We won't see them again before they leave. Anyway, it was a much needed vacation.
Now we are home, and the house is even more trashed than usual. I have been trying! We have been working hard on the front yard, and it looks so much nicer. It is level now, and my MIL bought my husband a tree for his birthday, and it is planted. We are putting in a walkway, and it is all laid out. It isn't all landscaped yet (no sod, etc.), but you can see the plan coming together.
Another big thing going on is that adult school classes started this week, and I was approved, on scholarship, to take 7! Raising a reader, gardening, two parent-child classes (one with each of my kids), gymnastics, Spanish, and messy art. I haven't decided if this is really what I want to do. It may be too much for my girls and our schedule. But I can't decide what to give up! They are all so fun! I have attended all except the raising a reader and gardening. I will probably miss the raising a reader again Monday, because I have a dentist appt, for which I still haven't found a sitter. Sigh.
I can't think of anything else. I am trying to listen to conference, so I can't devote that much attention to this. I'll write again, hopefully soon.