Thursday, May 10, 2007

A beautiful day in May

So beautiful, I feel like writing poetry? Whatever. It is gorgeous, a day that should make me feel that summer is soon upon us, but given all the recent events in my life, I can't think past this weekend. Which is a problem, because I should be planning a baby shower for next weekend, and I just now decided on invitations. *Sigh* I want to get them done before tomorrow?!? Whatever.
So, about three (four?) weeks ago one of my best friends got a DUI. She has a 10 year old, and I talked to her a few days later, and she (the mom) decided she just couldn't do it all, and she was sending her daughter to go live with her mom. I said, no, send her to us. Her mom isn't that much more stable than she is. So, in less than a week, she came to live with us. We moved her schools, set up her room, etc. I don't know how long she will be with us, but her mom is renting out her room, so I expect it will not be a short amount of time. A year, at least.
Parenting a 10 year old is a lot different than my two little ones! Ipods, razerphones, homework, pick-ups, drop-offs, school lunches, teacher appreciation day, walk-a-thon, and the list goes on and on. And it has only been three weeks! She is an easy kid, but it is different.
Everybody's reactions have been entertaining, also. A lot of "oh, what a wonderful thing for you to do," which I don't think is accurate. We have been close to her since she was little, of course we want her here. Some cracks about having a live-in babysitter. Lots of questions.
She is over at a friend's house tonight. She sees her mom Thursday evenings and Sunday all day. She is pretty much gone all weekend, at her grandmother's, and with us for the school week.
Well, that is what is new in my life. I'll check back in later.