Monday, June 29, 2009

Not good news...

So, Deon got laid off today, entirely. No more job. Some side work, when it is available, that I hope will feed us. Now that month wait to find out about the Sacramento job is not near so pleasant. It's been a hard day.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sacramento, Summer, etc...

So, we got back yesterday from Sacramento, where Deon was interviewing for an Architect postition with the Army Corp of Engineers. He is really excited about it, and I am getting there. It will be a good opportunity for us, more money in a less expensive place to live. And, even better, we both agree it is not a permanent move. Neither of us are big city folk, we have decided. We like a little bit of elbow room, and even more important, we like a lot of family time. With the rediculous traffic in Sacramento (and any metropolitan, really) those two things are mutually exclusive. So, we'll see what city life is like for a few years. then figure something else out. If we get the job. Which is a pretty good possiblity. Deon interviewed for three hours and the guy said he would hire him, if it was up to him, but it is up to personnel. On his recommendation. So, I'm not sure what the point of that is, except maybe the guy just can't say he is hired, but who else will they hire, if not the person recommended for the job? Seems a little silly to me. Anyway, it is government work, so it may be a month before we ever even get news. Then we negotiate a starting date. So, we'll at least spend the summer here.
Speaking of summer, we are in full swing. Enjoying our summer classes at the adult school, and I'm trying to sign up the girls for swim lessons tomorrow. Our big summer goal of 1000 books read to my children is coming along nicely, but it is hard to keep up with. We have read about 260 so far, more than a quarter of the way through. I must say, I am pleased to see a difference. I thought, since I regularly read to my kids, that I wouldn't see any change in them, but they are both much more interested in books. They spend a lot of their free time (when I'm not reading to them :)) looking at books by themselves. We also have plans to go see the Thompsons in Orange and go to the temple, and I will be going to my father's 75th birthday. Unfortunately it will fall on the same weekend as my nephew's Endowment session in the temple, as he leaves for his mission in August, so Deon will be attending that. I am so sad, but neither of us can be in both places at once, and I felt we needed to have family representation at both. I really felt like I couldn't miss my father's birthday, as it will be an opportunity for me to connect with a lot of people I haven't seen in years, and meet family I have never seen, period. I do feel a little insecure without Deon there, but I am trying to recruit Kim to go with me.
The other new thing is an informal diagnosis for Sidda of Sensory Processing Disorder. Maybe I will save this post for later, but suffice it to say, there is much evidence to say this is what is going on, and that something should be done about it so that she can be sucessful in the near future. Hopefully I'll have more information soon.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Halfway Laid Off?

Well, Deon received notice this Wednesday that he has been cut to 20 hours a week. I spent Thursday wanting to crawl in a hole, but he spent the day sending off resumes. Much more procuctive. So far he has gotten a call back from his old boss, who thinks he may have work for him, which would be great. The other call was from a hiring associate from Camp Pendelton here in CA, down by San Diego. She seemed very excited about his qualifications, and they are hiring a number of people, so that may be where we end up for now. But, I can't count my chickens before they hatch. For now, we are down 50% of our income. We can't pay our bills on that. But at least I have hope.
So, I'll try to focus on the postitive. Life is pretty good, really. We are all healthy. Dimitri is a joy, he is so much fun. He is pulling up on everything, and cutting his top teeth. One is already through and he goes around grinding it all day. Aaak! Sidda is smiley as always. Aunica has just finished Kindergarten with flying colors. Her reading level is a DRA 16 and passing First Grade is a DRA 17. Her teacher is so pleased with her, as are we. Unfortunately her teacher will not be continuing with her charter school in the fall, but, as it turns out, we may not be either. We are all looking forward to summer. We have a goal of reading 1000 books this summer, which sounds like a lot, but it is only about 10 a day. And I am counting a chapter as a book. That combined with Aunica reading some and writing some every day makes up our summer education plan. I'll probably work with Sidda on her letters. She is desperate to learn, but I have a hard time feeding that need with an older child I am also responsible for educating. I need to get better at it. Also in the summer line up are swim lessons, piano, messy art, a regualr preschool class, and a dad sports class. We will not be at a loss for things to do. Hopefully some hiking and walking as well.
In other news, it looks like Deon's mom may be moving out. She is considering filing bankruptcy, and she would have to move back into her house so they don't take it. Which makes us sad, but it may be good timing if we have to move ourselves.
Lots of change in the future for us. Some adversity. :) I do feel very blessed and looked after though, so on we go.