Thursday, September 10, 2009

My kids rock!

Well, I need to do a big post, with some updates, etc, but for now I just want to write a few things so I don't forget.
Sidda has recently taken to telling people "you're so pretty and so sweet." It is her little way of saying I love you, and I can't tell you how much it touches my heart. She says it to Deon, too, and it doesn't impress him quite as much. But it sure does me.
Aunica and I have been talking about Civil Rights, the right to vote, desegregating classrooms, Rosa Parks, Ruby Bridges, etc. I came out the other day to find her playing with her fisher price little people. Here is our conversation:
Mom "What are you doing, Aunica?"
Aunica "Playing school."
Mom "Oh."
Aunica "They are changing the laws."
Mom (interest piqued) "What laws are they changing, honey?"
Aunica "They are making it so the black kids can go to school with the white kids, because the black kids' school is too crowded and the white kids' school is better, and they are going to be equal."
So, that is my five year old desegregating public schools. I can't tell you how proud of her I am. What a wonderful homeschooling moment.
Dimitri is one, cute, just his little old self. He is really busy, as I think they always are at this age. He says lots of words. He likes to play the thank you game, where you hand an object back and forth and say thank you. He is walking, but not much. He has taken 3-4 steps, but only when encouraged. He more like throws himself around. He still very much prefers crawling.