Saturday, January 09, 2010


During dinner tonight, Aunica remarked that she has a bump in her mouth, and is it okay if she rubs her tounge on it. I said, huh, let me see. She points to a spot behind her front teeth and lo and behold, there is a tooth back there. Aaak! Her front teeth are loose, but not very. This is not a good sign. Worse still, we have lost our dental insurance with Deon's unemployment, and now have medi-cal, which only one single pediatric dentist in SLO County takes. And he is booked for the next six months. I know, because I have an appointment with him (if I am lucky, they won't promise my kids can see him, even though I explained they have really unusual dental development issues) in April that I made in October. I loved their old pediatric dentist, but it is hard to stomach a $200 visit.
So, I don't know what we will do, but my best advice to Aunica was to start wiggling. :) If it comes out on its own, one less thing to worry about.
In better news, we just got back from a very nice few days in SF with my family. We ate, and ate, and ate, and stayed up too late. My kids were treated to two tea parties (one at Auntie Kim's and one at a very special tea house), more Christmas toys (of the Littlest Pet Shop and Princess varieties, much coveted) and lots of special attention. Family is sometimes difficult, but always a blessing.