Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Work, work, work

So, Deon and I have found some employment. I have picked up 2 days a week working for a guy here in town. The perfect job, interesting, varied, challenging. Unfortunately, I don't really want to work at this point in my life. However I am enjoying it now that I am getting into the swing of things. I realize that I *am* an intelligent person. I can solve difficult problems and hold a thought for more than 15 seconds. It is very self-affirming to work. The person I work for is great-patient, even-tempered, honest. The pay is good. I couldn't ask for more. In 20 years. *sigh*
Deon has been picked up by his old boss in Paso 2 days a week. Or at least we are hoping for 2 days a week. He works when there is work to do. He has passed the first two phases of the Highway Patrol tests, both the written and the agility. This Thursday he has an interview, then they begin his background checks. That takes four months. ^groan^
In the meantime, he is doing an awesome job homeschooling Aunica. I think she is benefitting from a change of pace, and I probably am, too. She has lost her first tooth, and the tooth fairy left a gold dollar and fairy dust on her pillow. It was *very* exciting. Just goes to show you, sometimes I don't blow it. :)
So, Aunica lost her first tooth ON Sidda's fourth birthday. We had Sidda's birthday party at the SLO Children's Museum, and had a great time. She chose to go to Frank's for dinner. Gotta have a hot dog!
Dimitri is great. Talking up a storm. He is putting words together now (sing songs) and parroting more. He is so dang cute! I just love him to pieces. He is officially in Nursery now, and so am I. I really like working with the little ones. The 18 month olds are still so sweet. Its the olders that give you a run for your money. Although it sure is cool when the older kids actually listen to a lesson (which I keep to less than 5 minutes). Anyway, it is fun in there.
We are well into cookie season with Girl Scouts. Aunica has sold about 175 boxes to date. She is pretty awesome. Booth sales start this Friday. It will be a busy 3 weeks. But what time in my life isn't?