Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Firefighters to the Rescue

Well, I just had another exciting parenting moment. The fire department just left my house, after freeing my 22 month old son from his grandma's bedroom. I tried for about 20 min to get him out, using various keys, a paperclip, a safety pin, and, of course, testing all the windows. He screamed the WHOLE time. I called Deon, his brother, Henry and knocked on all my neighbors doors. Finally I gave up and called 911. They sent out the fire dept, and three firemen with axes in their hands showed up at my door, while I lay on the floor singing primary hymns to my son and stroking his toes. When I saw the ax, I said "no, really?" And they said it wasn't for breaking down the door, but for cutting off the doorknob if they had to. Which they didn't. One firefighter (who is a dead ringer for Chuck Liddel-and I KNOW Chuck Liddel) took a screwdriver to the door and popped it right open. To my screaming, half naked (he had taken his pants and diaper off) toddler. Lots of thank yous, and a recommendation to change the locks to an easier one to open. *sigh*
Otherwise, we are doing fine. We are heading out for a big trip to Montana on Friday, that I am trying like mad to get prepared for. Deon's sister lives in MT, right outside where the Battle of Little Bighorn took place. They do a reenactment every year, and we are going to be there for it. I am really excited. Aunica is really into pioneers and Native Americans, so we are incorporating a lot of those sites into our trip. We plan to hit Temple Square and This is the Place in SLC, UT. Then up to Yellowstone, and on to Cody, Wy. While in MT I hope to go to a pow wow, and the reenactment, of course. The trip is short because it is flanked on both sides by girl scout functions. Tomorrow we are going camping with Aunica's troop, our big end of the year celebration. Then we have have to be back for Aunica to start horse camp with her best friend, Erika on the 29th.
Deon still doesn't have steady work, and it wears on our whole family. Aunica has sucessfully completed the 1st grade. Sidda has decided she wants to learn how to read this summer, so we'll see how that goes. We are planning a trip to Disneyland this summer to celebrate Dimitri's 2nd birthday. We just keep plugging along, grateful for our health and each other. Really, the very most important things are going great, and we are very happy.