Thursday, December 28, 2006

After Christmas Blues...

Well, I'm not sure that title really applies. I did have a very nice evening. My family went to the drive-in and saw Night at the Museum, which was cute. Our days stretch out before me with considerably less going on than pre-Christmas. Which is definately a plus.
Christmas was nice. We spent the weekend before Christmas in SF with my family, in from Singapore. My husband gave me an early Xmas present: a GPS. I was so excited! Not because I can find my way when I get lost (which I am *notorious for doing), but because I have been wanting to get into geocaching. It is like a grown-up treasure hunt; check out So, we went on a hunt in SF with my family, and we found it. It was harder than I thought it would be! Really fun though, and on Christmas my family went caching and found another one. My 3yo is into the treasure part of it. :) But anyway, I had a good time hanging out with the family. Spent some time with my two 20yo cousins, stayed at an apartment my father is renting, saw the Pickle Family Circus, saw the lights on Union Square. Saw some old FOF, and some other distant cousins. But, were glad, as always, to come home.
Christmas Eve, like I mentioned. Spent part of it with one of my BIL, and the other part with the another BIL. Both were very nice. At the second BIL's house we had an unexpected, very nicely done dinner, and a Christmas program. Very fancy. My third BIL was there also, which made me uncomfortable, but we stayed. I'm not sure if I regret that now or not.
Anyway, Christmas we spent at home. Opening presents, slowly. I made a nice breakfast, went geocaching, my MIL came over, made a nice dinner. I didn't want to rush my kids through their presents, so we were still opening them at 10pm. We would open one, then she would play with it for a while before wanting to open another one. My MIL spent the night, and I didn't go to bed until 2am, my husband at 3am (playing with his new Batman lego car, well, building it acutually).
The next day we headed back up to my BIL's house so my husband could play with their new Xbox 360 and play basketball with them. So, my SIL and I stayed at the house, and we got into quite a discussion.
Which is what is getting me down. And it is late, so I'd better sign off and write about it tomorrow. To be continued...

Friday, December 08, 2006


So, it is December again, and all the chaos that comes with it. I always think it won't be that bad, I always do my Christmas shopping in November to "ensure" that it won't be too hectic, I always fail. There is just so much fun stuff to do in December! So many activities, so much family around, etc. It seems every single day I have something going on. Not that unusual. I guess the difference is that my busyness seems to fall in the evening instead of the daytime. Tonight is Friday, I think we have decided to do...nothing. In the past week we have been in the SLO Downtown Parade(F), picked out our Christmas tree(Sa), had a late Thanksgiving dinner at our house(Su), had family over(M), had two girl scout meetings(T), had a Pampered Chef Party(W), and had people over for dinner(Th). We rented a few movies, including Dora, and it is rainy, so I think we'll just stay home. :) We'll see about tomorrow.