Saturday, May 02, 2009

Dentist Visit

So, Friday I took the girls to see a new dentist, Dr Stout. We had decided to change dentists after our last dentist wanted to take an "agressive approach" to Aunica's supernumerary (extra) tooth she has in between her two front teeth. The first dentist we had taken her to (who has stopped seeing pediatric patients) thought it prudent to take a wait-and-lets-see approach, which I was fine with. Seemed like a good plan, don't make a problem where one doesn't yet exist. He sold his practice to a new dentist, who wanted to surgically take it out, for no apparent reason. His reasoning seemed flimsy (it could get infected, well that might happen when you perform surgery on my 5 year old), so we decided to get a second opinion and this time with a Pediatric Dentist (as opposed to a general dentist who sees children, which is what we have previously done). What a great office! Dr Stout and his staff we great with the kids, and he totally understood where I was coming from. He also wanted to wait and see what happens, and had high hopes that it may just work itself out. He recently had a patient in that had a supernumerary in the same position that broke through on its own. All of Aunica's news was great. Great, clean teeth, supernumerary in a good position, good to go. Sidda had some mixed news. Great, clean teeth, same as her sister. But, in doing the xrays, the dentist is pretty sure she is missing at least two teeth, possiby 4 or more. She is missing the next out from the middle on the bottom, and possibly the same set on the top. It makes me a little sad, but really not a big deal, and I was already a bit prepared for it, as her first dentist had mentioned that children with a fused tooth often have missing teeth as well. He had positive things to say about it though. She has a small mouth anyway, so it may help on spacing, and she doesn't show gum when she smiles, so it won't be very noticable. Probably not need dental implants. Both the girls are probably in for braces though, which is no surprise. All in all a good visit, and I am very happy with this switch in dentists,.

Poison Control # anyone?

Well, here is the story of my life. I went to Albertson's tonight. I have this new thing that I am trying to look through the ads that come in the mail and find things on sale that we use and stock up. This is new for me. Usually I just make a list, go to a grocery store, and buy it. Sooo...
Albertson's. Deon and I go in alone, leaving Grandma in the car with the three kids. There is a deal that if you buy 10 boxes of Kellogs Cereal you get two free movie tickets, and since Deon has a line up of movies he wants to go see (Wolverine, Star Trek, Angels and Demons) *and* he eats a lot of cereal, this seems like a great idea. Get to the checkout, pay for cereal, but where are the tickets? Seems we made a mistake. There was a post cereal in a kellogs cereal spot. So, check into customer service, where I realize that the manager is a friend of mine. Which is good, because he is very patient as he returns all 10 boxes of cereal, gives us our money back, then recharges for the 10 correct boxes. This takes at least 30 minutes. When it seems the transaction is under control, I head out to the van to see how Grandma and the kids are doing. Look back at Sidda holding a half empty toothpaste tube. Hmmm. I have a bad feeling that was full not very long ago, as we went to the dentist on Friday. I ask Sidda "did you eat that toothpaste?" She replies "no, no mommy, I just sucked on it." Walk back inside, ask for the number to Poison Control. Don't know it? No problem, I'll call 911. Turns out a child Sidda's size (32lb) can eat 3oz of flouride toothpaste before it becomes an issue. Thank goodness it was a small tube. So, now we are back home, and I am going to put these kids to bed. Because I am done. Really.
So, I need to share our dentist experience. Thankfully a much better one than our grocery store story. Well, you win some, you lose some.