Friday, February 20, 2009

Finally Friday

So, I think we have come to the conclusion that we can't buy our house and still live in it. Kind of a bummer. We are still working on solutions, but it has been a stressful, sad week.
It has also been a super busy week, and will be through tomorrow night at least. Tonight was Girl Scout Thinking Day, and since my older girls put it on, there was a lot to be done! Throw in the fact that my sister-in-law, who is my co-leader, and her kids have been sick for two weeks and you have a big fat mess. In actuality, the event went off without a hitch, looking spectacular. Most things do, you know. All the kids had a great time, there were lots of songs led, cute costumes and swaps. In fact, my youngers won a certificate for cutest swap! I appreciate all the applause, yes, that was me. :) The girls made them, but it was my idea. I tried to have all the components of Thinking Day be age appropriate for them, and I think I really succeded. The board was cute, too. I also gave in at the last minute and bought Aunica a costume at the Oriental Market (which is really cool, by the way, I had never been in there before). The girls chose to learn about China, so we read some fictional books set in China, and talked about what it must be like to live in China. Then we put some of those things on a trifold board (Yangtze River running through it, chopsticks, rice and noodles glued on, a handprint dragon, a map, and a picture of a little girl in traditional Chinese dress), gave out fortune cookies, and the swaps the girls made were red paper circles with a toothpick cut in half (pointy ends removed) glued on and a few grains of rice, with a sticky pin backing. I was so proud.
Anyway, tomorrow is the culmination of my busy week. It starts with 9am piano, then pick up supplies from Kim for the 11am baby shower for Amy. Quick get in the van (and haul along mom and the other van) for girl scout cookie pick up at 1:30. What do you do with 80 cases of cookies? Well, you certainly don't use your living room anymore! Rush, hurry to Sidda's 3rd birthday party, thank goodness Kim is Martha Stewart in disguise and has totally uber planned the whole thing. Back home to sort cookies so my dear parents can please, please, please come pick them up and get them out of my hair. Whew! Thankfully I get to sleep in a bit on Sunday, as it is Stake Conference at 10am instead of 9am.
I'll try to post again when I resurface!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Today was Sidda's third birthday. Where did the past three years go? Don't we always ask ourselves that. We set up Aunica's third birthday as the end of binkis for her, and that worked out great. She even gave them to her sister, as Sidda was 7 months old at the time. This went so well we decided to have the same date set for Sidda. She has been excited about it, telling anyone and everyone who will listen "it be my birthday, no more binkis!" This as date has been looming upon us, I have felt some trepidation that it couldn't possibly be that easy again... But we are on night two, and she is sound asleep. Woo-hoo! What an awesome kid! I have transitioned her a little by laying with her, but she hasn't asked for it at all. I am so proud of her. :)
She had a nice birthday today. Sunday, so we had special cinnamon rolls for breakfast, and headed to church, where they gave her a crown and sang Happy Birthday to her (and ate cookies). Once we were home, my Aunt Wendy, Uncle Tim and Emily showed up to help celebrate. It is so nice to have them living in the states. Finally, Kim and Eric flew in from New Orleans and rounded out the group. Of course, Grandma was here, along with our family of five. We had hot dogs and ate a very fun birthday cake, which I will post pictures of. Sidda got some games, clothes, a scrapbook, an umbrella from her sister (a big hit), and a kid's MP3 player (also a big hit, although maybe not as much as the umbrella). I am all junk fooded out. A little much for one day.
Anyway, life is good. Nice to think of this day, three years ago. Amazing how much we love these little ones that come into our lives. **sniff** :)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Sunday Evening

Well, another week gone by and, again, not much to report. Had a nice weekend, hiked Eagle Rock out by El Chorro Regional Park, did a geocache. The weather was awesome. Had a nice time at church today, started a strengthening your relationships class. Along with a mental health recovery meeting on Wednesday. I am sensing a theme, like maybe the Lord is telling me it is time to get some things in order. I'm okay with that. Sold some cookies. Sold some more cookies.
Well, since I don't have anything interesting to share, I'll share a cute Sidda story.
Sidda made a book in nursery a while back titles "I know Jesus loves me because he made.." So, it went page by page, the sun, moon, plants, etc. On our way home from church I asked her to read it to me, knowing it was easy enough for her to remember what it said.
She opened it and said "it says No Parking!"
We laughed all the way home. She is a kick, that one