Sunday, September 30, 2007


Yes, that is right, I have pneumonia. Isn't that spectacular. I was diagnosed by a churchmember physician today after church. He also happened to have a full course of antibiotics at his house, which was fantastic. So, I should feel better in a few days. Unforturnately, that doesn't explain why I have pneumonia in the first place. I had it less than two years ago when I was pregnant with Sidda.
So, back to my week. On Sunday after church in Las Vegas, we headed out for Phoenix, AZ. Got there late Sun night, and stayed until Thursday morning. Had a nice visit with my very good friend, Farrah, and her kids, who I really enjoy. She worked most of the time though, and I didn't have a car available to me. So I didn't do much. Which is really not like me and my kids. But it was hot, 100 degrees hot, and like I said no vehicle. I did do some packing, as Farrah moved this past Sat, and a lot of laundry, as her new place doesn't have a washer and dryer. We had a nice Emergency Preparedness Family Home Evening, which was fun. At any rate, I drove back Thursday. We left at 10am and got into SLO at 8pm. Yuck.
Since then, I still haven't been feeling well, obviously, so I haven't done much. Aunica had a birthday party to attend Saturday morning (a princess party, how could we miss it), and some grocery shopping. Other than that I have been incredibly lazy. :) I feel a bit entitled with my current illness. I wish I knew why I am getting it so often. Must be getting old.

Friday, September 28, 2007


Yes, that is right, sick. Isn't that fantastic. The night before my birthday, no less. I had a fever, chills, couldn't get warm. The next day was the same, on my birthday, and Aunica got sick, too. It was a nice birthday though. I was a little disappointed that not very many people remembered, even one of my best friends. But she did, eventually, and wrote me one of the nicest cards I have ever received, and gave me some cool camping stuff for my scrapbook. My awesome husband organized dinner at a new Mexican place here in town, Chino's which was perfect, and then we went to the Madonna Inn for cake. Woo-Hoo! Good stuff, even better for breakfast the next day. ;)
Speaking of the next day, things didn't get all that much better! I was headed to Las Vegas for a wedding for a friend from college, taking my MIL instead of my husband, as he had some senior project work to do. We left right on time, 9am, to make the 5pm wedding. After a few stops on my MIL's part, we finally left at about 9:30, and arrived in Las Vegas at 3:45. Plenty of time, right? Well, we stopped at the Marriot, where the wedding was, but my MIL said the hotel was too expensive. So, we drove around looking for another hotel, to the point that when we gave up and went back to the Marriot, it was 4:57. After getting ready, and being directed to the wrong wedding (yes, Andy did get married, I saw it), we missed our intended wedding. We did make the reception, which was interesting. The bride is Mexican, from Mexico, which I didn't expect, as I had never met her, and her last name was Greenough. From a previous marriage, I assume. So half the wedding guests and party didn't speak English. Which is fine. It was a stereotypical Las Vegas wedding, with a blinking neon sign at the sweetheart table, each table themed for a casino (we were at Treasure Island, with TI cards, dice, and a pirate ship centerpiece), and the cake was cards and dice, with a bride dragging the groom cake topper. And that is about it. The food was mediocre, mostly cold. We stayed until ten, when the music became more "gettin down" and the alcohol starting taking effect. So, mind you, this is 10pm in Vegas without a hotel room. No problem, my MIL knows *just* where to go. Sigh. At midnight I finally called La Quinta and got directions and paid ALMOST AS MUCH as I would have at the Marriot. AND I would have been on time to the wedding. AND I would have gotten a full night's sleep. Whatever.
The next morning didn't go much better. Aunica woke up at about 7:30, and I took her downstairs for breakfast (which was a plus). After we headed back to the room, I put the girls in the bath, and Sidda stayed in longer. I had Aunica go in and check on her. Aunica came out of the bathroom and I asked "is your sister okay?" Her answer? "Yes, she is fine...(long pause)...But, mommy, why is there poo-poo in the bath?" NOT FINE! Ahhhh! Into the bathroom to clean up child and bathtub. My mother in law tells me, "I think I broke my wrist last night." Really. Wonderful. In the meantime, I had been looking, unsucessfully, for a church. We are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and are pretty consistent about church attendance. Finally we just got in the car and drove and found one about three blocks away. Attended sacrament meeting, and were going to leave as my 19mo has a runny nose at this point. But my 4yo begged to go to class, and how could I say no to that?!? So I send my MIL to the hospital, and chased Sidda in the halls for 2 hours. Timing worked out great, just as meetings were over my MIL shows back up, and my nephew, too. Yes, she had a broken wrist, but she had broken it in a fall earlier this year, and aggravated it the night before.
Anyway, my husband wants me to get off the computer and spend time with him. What, like he hasn't seen me for a week? I'll pick up on the Arizona part of my week later.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Birthday Week

Well, all the birthday festivities are over for my daughter, and she has sucessfully turned 4! What an exhausting ordeal, I'll tell you. I planned a big party for her Sat, with 20 kids in attendance. It was a camping theme, so I had 4 activity stations: pinecone birdfeeder, rock painting, nature collage, and archeological dig (for small snakes, lizards, bugs). I also set out some outdoor games, and set up a tent with small plastic animals and blocks inside. My husband grilled hot dogs and started up the campfire. After we all ate, I took the kids on a treasure hunt, that my best friend had set up. There were three clues leading down the street, to path and a treasure box. In the box were goodie bags with flashlights, bubbles, and glow bracelets. Back to the house, and we all roasted s'mores (most of the parents stayed), and then had a program. I sang songs, mostly requests from the kids, and read two stories. I only did it for a half an hour, but I bet the kids could have gone on much longer. They were paying attention, singing and having a great time. Then everyone headed home, and I let the birthday girl open some presents. We didn't do presents during the party for a number of reasons. I don't like to encourage my kids to rip through them. I feel like they don't appreciate each gift that way. Also, I don't want the gifts, or my child's reaction, to be compared. That just isn't nice. So, she opened her presents over the next few days. The only bummer during the party was that my 19mo old took a header on the asphalt, and has a nicely bruied and scraped nose.
My MIL stayed with us Sat and Sun night, which was nice. Sun was really busy, as I had to bring snack for nursery and Aunica (my 4yo) had to give her first talk in Primary. I got it all taken care of though, and we had a nice afternoon at home. My husband played video games all afternoon until I was ready to strangle him!
Monday was Aunica's actual birthday, and it was a crazy day. My MIL wanted me to go with her to the mall in Santa Maria so she could get a new pair of glasses at Lens Crafters. Do you have any idea what a BAD idea it is to take a 19mo to a place with 1000 pair of glasses right at her eye level? It was miserable! I can't tell you how many times I yelled at her, and I thought to myself, this is why I don't take my children to places that are not appropriate for their age. Anyway, we got some lunch there, got the glasses, and rushed back to SLO. I am enrolled in a Field Trip class that I thought started at noon, and we didn't get there until 12:45. I was really upset and frustrated, until I realized it actually started at 1pm, and we were early. Toured the Jack House, which is always a favorite of mine, then headed to County Culture to get frozen yogurt. Then went to pick up Aunica's barbie cake from Albertson's, to the fish store so my MIL could buy Aunica some fish for her birthday, then to Franks for dinner, as per Aunica's request. Back to my house (ahead of the birthday girl), and I go to take out the cake and it has completely collapsed. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like crying, but my best friend, Kim, saves the day. She props it back up, and I pull out the can of whipped cream. By the time Aunica got there, it looked good enough to eat, at least. She was thrilled with her new bike, we sang happy birthday, and put her to bed. The End!
My birthday is Friday. So, we'll see what that holds. Probably not much, which is fine with me! Lots of pictures, like I said. :) Hopefully some nice dinner. I would love the Madonna Inn, but I think I'll pick something a little more reasonable.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

End of summer

Well, it has been a long summer, and now I am ready for fall. Having fallen off the wagon, I hope to at least check in some. Over the summer, I did a lot of Parent Participation classes through the Adult School with my kids (messy art, gymnastics, gardening, field trip, preschool) and took my kids to swim lessons. Still can't swim, but that is another story. Why do I get so frustrated with my firstborn? Why are my expectations so unrealisitc? Whatever. My best friend's daughter moved out, into her grandmother's house. Went to the park, did a little camping, not much travelling. Until this past week, and the four of us went to Mono Lake area to camp for a week. It was fabulous! We went to Bodie, Mono Lake, Mammoth, and in between. It was actually tent camping this week, and I have never camped for so many nights. It was great, so relaxing, and nice to let the kids just be kids. Came back with renewed energy and ideas that quickly disappated when reality shone it's sunny face. Ah, well, such is life.
This upcoming Monday is my daughter's 4th birthday. Crazy! She is having a real birthday party this weekend, with friends. It will be a camping theme, but not overnight. We are setting up a tent in the front yard, a fire pit (I'm sure my snobby neighbors will love me), and some camping activities. I am really looking forward to it, and so is she. We also started Parent Participation classes this week, which need more enrollment to go on, hopefully people get on the bandwagon! Field Trip, messy art, gymnastics, two preschool classes, and gardening. My oldest also has dance on Fridays. Tomorrow, and I need to bring snack to class, and locate all of my daughter's things...Yuck! Always something.
Not much else new TTC, for all those familiar with the baby lingo. Just this month, so we'll see.
Planning my husband's graduation in 3 months! Woo-Hoo! I am so excited, just to have him finish!
It's my birthday next week, too. :) My birthday present from my husband? All the film I have been saving up over the summer, developed! It will be a great present, and I am totally looking forward to it.